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Creative Sign Making With CNC Routers

CNC Routers is a computer operated and controlled machine that works on a router table. Computer Numerical Control is the official name of the machine. It can make more professional looking signs much easier than earlier methods. Like any computer, it will only do what you instruct it to do. Experienced CNC operators can make better professional signs and avoid waste and errors. The program can make LED lighted acrylic signs that look good at night or day-time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Typically, a CNC Router is mounted on a big router table and is computer controlled.
  • Even though a CNC Router is controlled by a computer, a trained operator is overseeing the entire process.
  • One benefit of CNC Routers is their versatility in being able to work with a many different types of materials.

“One of the strengths of CNC Routers is their ability to work with a wide variety of sign making materials.”

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