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Custom Macros Can Skip Holes After Replacing Broken Tools

Macros are avoided by some CNC programmers, because it is often assumed that restarting the programmed, when machining is interrupted, is more difficult if such program contains macros. While this concern is valid, it only takes some planning ahead of time in order to avoid this issue. In fact, smart utilization of macros that are custom can make the restart even easier without any adverse effect on the tooling itself. In this application we show how macros can be customized to serve in more than one scenario.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kluth’s application involved machining very large and tough 4140 steel components used in the mining industry.
  • Kluth uses a universal bolt-circle custom macro capable of performing several kinds of hole-machining operations, including drilling, standard tapping, rigid tapping, reaming and counterboring.
  • As for skipping holes, an argument in the calling command specifies the number of holes to skip.

“This concern can often be overcome with a little planning. Indeed, custom macros sometimes make it easier to restart the program and run from the middle of a cutting tool’s machining operation.”

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