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Cutting butterfly keys on a CNC router | Woodworking Network

Part of the fun of CNC machines is they can be used on so many different types of projects. One such project is making live edge slabs and inlaying butterfly keys to add flare. I had previously bought a phenolic template with bushings to perform this type of work by hand, but a CNC machine makes it easier and faster. We began by cutting out the test pieces, then used scrap 1/4? melamine as a template. We milled a piece of wood to be slightly thicker than 1/2? and screwed it to the template. The keys are ultimately sanded flush with the surface. We ended up using these CNC butterfly keys on a TV stand.

Key Takeaways:

  • An advantage to having a CNC router is that you can end up using it for other projects, besides cutting up plywood.
  • The more you use the CNC router, the more comfortable you get going outside the box and doing more elaborate projects.
  • Without the CNC router a template would be used to do some of the work that the router could do.

“We started by cutting out the test pieces until we had the size and shape perfectly dialed in.”

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