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Designing for CNC – 6 Tips for Improving Your CNC Designs | Scan2CAD

CNC technology has changed both the design and manufacturing industry. And while the idea of using this kind of technology is very appealing, it is also still important to understand what is involved with it. CNC technology allow for a lot of flexibility and versatility, but it is important to understand that personal CNC machines have more limitations than more commercial grade machines. One limitation is size, and the size of the material that can fit into the machine.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC machines have limitations related to their geometry, dimensions and working range.
  • Pay particular attention to holes and cavities, internal corners and edges, and wall thickness.
  • Metal, plastic and wood are the most commonly used materials, and they each have different features.

“CNC technology has revolutionized the design and manufacturing industries. Although it’s been available for a while now – the first CNC milling machine was developed in the early 1950s – only recently has it gained traction outside of industrial and commercial setups.”

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