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Digital Manufacturing

The rise of digital technologies has had a sweeping impact on manufacturing. One component of digital infrastructure is machine monitoring systems that can be used to reduce downtime and identify bottlenecks. Cutting tool management is another aspect, as manufacturers can use software to predict tool life and track stock. Preventative maintenance is another large benefit, reducing the heavy costs of unscheduled down time. Furthermore, today’s digital tools offer out-of-the-box solutions that are easier to implement. A final advantage is standardization, particularly with respect to open-source interoperability standards. Ultimately, these changes will serve to help manufacturers increase productivity and make informed decisions with real-time data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Machine monitoring helps to reduce downtime and identify bottlenecks that slow production.
  • Software can be used to monitor the life span of cutting tools, as well as track their stock and location.
  • Unscheduled machine brings significant costs, but digital tools can help with preventive maintenance.

“digital manufacturing technologies are a requirement for competing in the marketplace”

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