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The new Mercedes plant named Factory 56 is a clear sign of the company committing to Germany as their primary place of business. The investment worth almost 750 million euros offers a glimpse at what the future of manufacturing automakers envisions to be. The plant has maximum built-in flexibility, both in terms of the models that the plant is producing as well as the flow of the material. Alternative energy efficiency systems are implemented throughout leading to huge energy savings. All these characteristics will be naturally merged into the smart technology of factory management and production.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Company Mercedes Benz has a site in Sindelfingen, Germany, in which it has invested no less than 730 million Euros.
  • As a future-driven site, Factory 56 in Germany is adapted for maximum flexibility. Vehicles from the most compact to SUVs are integrated into series production quickly and efficiently.
  • In line with sustainability goals, the factory is slated to be a zero-carbons emissions site.

“Flexible, digital, efficient and sustainable: Factory 56 embodies the future of production at Mercedes-Benz and sets new standards for the automotive industry.”

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