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Dimensional Letters Are a Simple, Durable Option for Signmakers

Exterior dimensional letters can benefit establishments, organizations, and companies in any industry. These markers are typically installed directly to the façade of buildings that are looking for a sophisticated appearance. They can also be incorporated into a monument sign or mounted on a panel that is then installed on your property. Though these letters do not typically have their own illumination source, you can use spotlighting to make your letters visible at night.Dimensional lettering is exactly what the sound like: letters made out of a solid material that offer a depth of field to the viewer. Other signage options like plaques (most of the time), vinyl, and light boxes all have two dimensional lettering.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Sign Brothers created the logo and lettering by routing dimensional acrylic, adding color with Matthews Paint and then stud-mounting directly into a stone wall.
  • The Martin County Community Health Center (Inez, KY) was able to receive a brand-new dimensional-lettered sign outside of its building inside of two weeks thanks to Paris Signs.
  • After completing a digital message center for a local shopping plaza, Mike and Rosalie Mayernik of Mike Makes Signs were approached by plaza tenant Kids Choice Pediatric Rehab & Therapy Center.

“For Mike Mayernick of Mike Makes Signs (Warren, OH), using a combination of formed-plastic dimensional letters alongside a custom-molded tree logo was the ideal solution for a pediatric therapy waiting room. “Our customer wanted their logo in an area that would have children in it, so we wanted a product that would be durable to handling [and] be pretty,” he said.”

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