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Dimensional Wood Sign Making as a Home Business

Building dimensional wood signs for people and businesses can be a lucrative business, and here are some tips for how to get started. It can be a great side business to work on while you’re getting your farm up and running and before it turns a profit. In addition, nicely-made, handsome signs can really add to the aesthetics of the country and landscape that they are placed in. Read on for more tips on how to start a dimensional wooden sign business at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most back-to-the-landers have an urgent need to make some kind of living supplemental to their farming efforts.
  • A freewheeling part-time approach to woodworking would do well as a supplement to a farm income.
  • A good sense of design is indispensable, and a graphic arts background or knowledge of type styles very useful.

“Handsome, well-designed, carefully crafted wooden signs are an asset to the landscape or city scene and an alternative to the obtrusive plastic and neon obscenities which currently line most thoroughfares.”

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