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Does This School Have the Formula for Mfg Education?

High schools with vocational manufacturing classes are often underfunded or not funded at all. High school administration with a budget problem tend to cut all the classes that need expensive machines. Some high schools are getting around this problem by using the machines that they do have to produce a sellable product. That money is then funneled back into their program. Student-run shops can also be used to pay the students through profit sharing. High school is supposed to transition the students into their adult life so this works great.

Key Takeaways:

  • A school in Wisconsin makes and sells machinery parts created during its manufacturing shop class.
  • There are overhead costs for equipment to begin a machine shop. The same costs do not exist in a traditional curriculum.
  • The students are required to take shop class in previous grades before being allowed to work in the shop for profit-sharing.

“Teaching math, English or history does not require investments in capital equipment.”

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