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Drills for Higher Reliability and Performance with Aerospace Materials

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroDrills design leads to improved hole-making, specifically when working with aero-space alloys. The decreased waste from this improvement reduces the costs of cutting holes as well. In general, this perfectly synergizes with unmanned production, as the parameters are more accurately met and thus require less oversight. All of this comes from the CoroDrill’s geometry, which engenders improved waste removal during the drilling process and more stable control over where the hole is cut.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sandvik Coromant makes CoroDrills designed for composites, heat-resistant super alloys, and titanium alloys.
  • Designed to drill composites, CoroDrill 863 with -O geometry has several key aerospace applications.
  • The latest CoroDrill 860 has advanced -GM geometry and a longer tool life than the popular R840.

“Ideal for unmanned production, users can expect to see a significant reduction in component scrap rates. Overall, cost per hole will be reduced.”

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