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[:en]5 Myths about CNC Machining You Need to Understand[:de]5 Mythen über CNC-Bearbeitung müssen Sie verstehen[:] | Complete CNC Solutions | MultiCam

There are a number of misconceptions about CNC machining. One is that it is easy. There is some truth to this, but CNC can also be complex with its programming, workspace set up, and adjustments. Another myth is that anyone can run a CNC machine. In fact, operation requires certain skills and experience. It is wrong to think CNC is fully automated. It isn’t quite, and even if you are running the exact same job again, it still requires some thought. Another myth is that CNC job duration is easily predictable. This is wrong mainly because not everything will run perfectly. Last, people wrongly think G-Code is no longer used. CAM systems output G-Code, and CNC operators may need to modify this code.

Key Takeaways:

  • GNC machining can be easy or difficult depending on the level of training and experience of the machinist.
  • CNC machining is not entirely automated and still requires some operator intervention.
  • A CAM system is used to generate the G-Code necessary to run a CNC machine, but experienced machinists can still modify the code as needed.

“But at the same time, it’s infinitely complicated. You can always learn more. Programming, setting up your workspace, and making adjustments can almost always be improved – even if you save just a few seconds. The benefits are faster production and improved product quality.”

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