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Ensuring reliability in your digital manufacturing infrastructure

IIoT component suppliers should be put to higher standards for their devices. Too many of these devices fail whether it’s in a business environment or on a consumer level. They are not particularly held to a high standard in the court of law because these are products that are always changing in regards to the software that is installed. If they require an upgrade, the firmware may break everything in the physical device. Either the software can break or the supplier doesn’t offer software updates.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Industrial Internet of Things has a wide array of component, specifically useful to tiered suppliers.
  • Once those components get you to Cloud Services platform, those services have a duty, to collect, transfer, analyze and store your operational data.
  • Supplier contracts should include language that ensures that software and hardware will be continuously checked for their ongoing compatibility with your network requirements.

“My only available conclusion was that overnight, somebody installed a firmware upgrade that effectively killed the interface between my smart speakers and my light bulbs.”

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