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Experts Examine Ways to Build Equity and Diversity in Manufacturing

A recent Zoom conference was held to address the ongoing issues of racial inequalities and the global pandemic within the manufacturing industry. Experts spoke on subjects like equal pay, job growth for people of color, and the availability of educational information. Much of these issues stem from a lack of confidence between minority communities and management within the manufacturing sectors. Industry professionals believe the first step to overcoming these racial boundaries is to establish a working relationship between the two groups that is based on trust. When these ties have been created, there will be more room for inclusion and growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent expert-led webinar was held to address the many racial obstacles found in the manufacturing industry.
  • The possible and probable changes in workplace diversity in a post-COVID-19 manufacturing industry were discussed.
  • Various programs have tried to tackle the challenge the various issues people of color face in the manufacturing sector.

“Panelists offered insight on how to integrate current systems in factory jobs to meet the needs of the current climate, including how to recruit more people of color to work in manufacturing, create equal pay and job placement, and provide educational resources for those who come from a diverse or underprivileged community.”

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