Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Fabricating Fabulous: Solution Adds Business Systems Suite

There’s a new upgrade for the SigmaNEST product line featuring Version 20 Service Pack 2. This comes as a pleasant surprise from SigmaTek Systems. Their vice president Glenn Durham says this new software update makes their products much easier to use and control their CAD workflow. New products such as SigmaQuote will make it easier for importing parts and getting real time prices. Businesses will love the new batch commands making work flow smarter and less cumbersome.

Key Takeaways:

  • The goal of the product is to look great and operate with power, and the system is fast and ready to use.
  • The system helps to effectively manage business data, transactions, customers, suppliers and comes with several improvements.
  • There is an updated logistics module that helps get exact shipping details like cost, additional markups and taxes.

“The version 20 user interface employs greatly improved navigation and a universal easy-reading display throughout all SigmaTEK products to increase user focus and stamina.”

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