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Fabricator's Toolroom Becomes Captive CNC Machine Shop

Ace Stamping toolroom resembled a traditional toolroom you would expect to find in a machine shop. Business demand forced the management to transform it into a CNC room, with four new machines placed in the space. The transformation was quite rapid and it impacted the whole operations segment of the company. In the meantime, the lines between tool making and fabrication became quite blurred, which resulted in new opportunities for the shop and also improved the operations efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • The company has a main building that is seventy six thousand square foot plant. It is mostly filled with punch presses as well as metal sheet racks.
  • Ace Stamping needed a quality education program in order to get a high volume contract.
  • Sewell says that even though he didn’t have a back ground in machining, enough experimenting on his own taught him a lot.

“However, new opportunity has made the contrast between the toolmaking and fabricating areas less stark, he says.”

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