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Fabricator's Toolroom Becomes Captive CNC Machine Shop

At Ace Stamping, to call the toolroom just another toolroom would be a serious understatement. This room is the heart of the production operation and the transformation happened due to the necessity. When company accepted a contract that looked quite challenging, operations leaders knew that the way they ran the machine shop had to change. Today, this toolroom is a semi-automated CNC center, and the change had a big impact on the rest of the company, although this may not be clearly visible to casual observer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calling this place a toolroom isn’t accurate, it performs a lot more than a tool room does.
  • Hearing all the machinery and still carrying on a conversation was difficult with all the activity.
  • A lot of the work involved just staring at the machines and figuring out how the tool cuts worked.

“Parts moving across these seven new machine tools, all of which were installed within 18 months, have provided what company Vice President James Haarsma calls “a robust increase” in annual revenue.”

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