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Fabricator's Toolroom Becomes Captive CNC Machine Shop

Even a quick glance at Ace’s toolroom reveals that it is more than that. The space was transformed into a room full of CNC and conventional machines. The change was forced when company pursued a contract that required complex machining processes. Impact happened quick and it was felt at every stage of the process. With new technologies, the lines between machining, fabrication and making tools are blurry. Companies that can adapt to dynamic changes are positioned well to be profitable in the long run. The agility of the team is critical for the overall success.

Key Takeaways:

  • When company accepted a contract that looked quite challenging, operations leaders knew that the way they ran the machine shop had to change.
  • Today, this toolroom is a semi-automated CNC center, and the change had a big impact on the rest of the company, although this may not be clearly visible to casual observer.
  • A lot of the work involved just staring at the machines and figuring out how the tool cuts worked.

“After all, the company’s main, 76,000-square-foot plant is filled not with knee mills and workbenches, but lines of punch presses and racks of sheet metal.”

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