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Fabricator's Toolroom Becomes Captive CNC Machine Shop

ACE Stamping And Machine Co. has been helping people learn how to properly use and maintain CNC machines. They have recently been developing new ways to maintain processes and make them more efficient. One of the ways they are doing this is changing what originally was the main focus. Some of the machines they are doing this with include CNC machines, lathes, HMC, and other manufacturing machines. While they may not get the best contracts, they will start developing new ways to do the old ways better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ace Stamping & Machine Co is a large plant with 76000 feet of utility and production to offer.
  • One thing that has allowed the company to move from toolroom to CNC shop has been the addition of 4 new CNC VMCs.
  • However, before the upgrades and investments could ensue there was the all-important education in the fundamentals of toolroom know-how, coupled with years of hands-on experience.

“Calling Ace Stamping & Machine Co.’s toolroom a toolroom does the operation a disservice. What happens here is production machining by any definition, and the transformation from toolroom to captive CNC machine shop has been both rapid and impactful.”

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