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Fidget spinner

For hobbyists, computer-controlled machines provide limitless opportunities to explore their creativity. It seems that very few things are off the limits, which makes me experiment with different objects quite often. Today, it’s the little spinner that was my object. I had some bearings already taken from an old skateboard, and that’s how it all started. Julia picked the materials for the spinner, and her choice centered on a combination of brass and wood. It really was a sandwich design and promised to be quite cool.

Key Takeaways:

  • I designed this fidget spinner with Julia, who wanted one; I modeled it in Fusion 360.
  • I didn’t have experience cutting brass on CNC, and it ended up difficult to punch out.
  • Plastic spinners need bearings to add weight, but we added them just because Julia wanted them.

“In retrospect, cutting multiple passes seems to have given me the best result, which makes sense. I notched a few X-Acto knife blades and bent the brass a little in the process of punching them out.”

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