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First Accredited Cobot Certifications for Schools, Industry

Universal robots are accredited and can actually be taught to students since they are now considered a necessary tool to have in the work force later. Career training center in Ohio is a large campus where this type of education will be taking place, it is going to be the most comprehensive center in the nation. This will be a great thing to learn for people of all ages, and kids can even learn how to use it through their education.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a robot that will issue continuing education units and will provide curriculum.
  • The course is thirty two hours and meets various guidelines that enable it to receive funding.
  • These new cobots will spark a revolution in the way that people are able to develop programs.

“The Education Program provides a clearly defined pathway for students to master cobot programming and deployment as part of an Industry 4.0 career in robotics and advanced manufacturing. Schools can now purchase the ready-to-go package that includes the complete curriculum, a UR cobot arm, and the hardware and software required to build actual industrial applications.”

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