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Flexible Solution for Loading, Unloading Laser Cutting Systems

This new system is much simpler and gives you the opportunity to get multiple functions under control at once. Instead of having to walk back and forth to utilize both of these things are able to get them both done with one system. These things are cutting and feeding. It does all the cutting automatically and continuously to cut down on production time and effort. Laser cutting and automation both should be done using the same terminal instead of separate ones and that is what this flexible solution provides.

Key Takeaways:

  • One great example of an automated workflow solution for woodcrafting workspaces is the Trans Cross from Bystronic.
  • The Trans Cross automation system for loading and unloading laser cutting systems is designed to be expanded upon at any time.
  • The Trans Cross has a laser-user’s touchscreen for ease of use. Also, the optional add-on the “Bysort,” has its own interface.

“Automation solutions optimize material flow, improve machine use and increase work and process reliability. The building blocks are modular so that the degree of automation can be adapted at a later date.”

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