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Flossing A Planer’s Blades | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Wood chips can tuck themselves under a planer blade, I wasn’t fully aware of this, but we have a great planer blade. I use it all the time and have never had any problems, it works well every time. I suddenly noticed what I thought were the blades dulling, but that’s not what happened. I noticed that wood chips were tucked underneath and didn’t understand how. A stool that I had worked on had made everything go off kilter. I heard a bang, but didn’t think anything of it. I have since cleaned it out and will be monitoring the blades.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some good supplies and tools to have in your shop include double sided tape, a dabo blade set and a flush trim bit.
  • The components of this thickener planer are built from steel and aluminum and it’s a great product if you need a planer
  • A maple board caused a major problem within this planer as wood chips from the board got stuck in between the blades and their bed.

“We have a great thickener planer in our shop. It’s a Ridgid machine that is built well, works well, and is priced well. We bought it two or three years ago and I have been enjoying using it quite a bit.”

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