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Freeing the metal fabricator’s quoting constraint

Custom metal fabrication has many variables to be considered to make sure the shop is producing as much product as possible at a cost effective price. Capacity is a tough challenge alone but then we have to cover quoting accuracy as well. Finding a balance without just blindly letting things run is important for a business that wants to stay competitive with their precision sheet metal fabricators. Making constant adjustments and communicating effectively as a team will be crucial.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even if you have the highest quality tools at your disposal and your product is top drawer and quickly made, you could lose out on orders.
  • Customers want a great product, swiftly and efficiently assembled. But, they also want the best price. If your quoting department is sluggish you could lose out.
  • Software that helps automate the different data streams needed for cost analysis, such as the diverse materials required, can help.

“Companywide, fabricators know when they’re making or losing money—but where exactly is that money being made and lost?”

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