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Freeing the metal fabricator’s quoting constraint

As the consequence of the current pandemic, many businesses are going through downturn which results in fewer requests for quote for machine shops. This may be a good time to address common challenges companies face when preparing quotes. The first step is understanding the current state of your business and quoting process. This will enable you to assess the potential for automation in your process. Automation can speed up and standardize processing information from RFQs, analyze the parts and provide an optimized quote as an output, while reducing the scrap rate. Most importantly, automation can improve both capacity and accuracy of your quotes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Current conditions have significantly slowed down the quoting capacity of vendors and buyers in the fabricating industry. That will eventually change.
  • Under less constrained circumstances buyers can generate a great requests for quotes to a wide array of vendors.
  • When the quotes come pouring in, it isn’t necessarily the fastest generator of a product, or the most well-made that gets the job. The best quote matters too.

“You have a modern manufacturing facility, but so do many of your competitors.”

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