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From 3D-scanning to 3D-printing to inspecting parts

Design and prototyping have greatly been enhanced by the use of 3D technology. Coupled with increasing computing capacity and cloud-based software tools and solutions, the path from concept to prototype is much shorter than it used to be. In certain situation, the ultimate goal is to reverse engineer an old part for which the documentation does not exist. This where 3D scanning becomes very useful. Another widely accepted application of scanning is in area of part inspection, which is made much more precise and efficient.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing, allowing for rapid prototyping, but reverse-engineering issues still exist.
  • 3D scanning helps to quickly and easily create CAD models and greatly aid in reverse engineering.
  • 3D scanning in conjunction with 3D printing allows for unprecedentedly fast and feasible prototyping.

“Les Baker, senior applications engineer and scanning arm specialist at FARO Technologies Inc., Lake Mary, Fla., explained that a far more efficient and capable technology exists—one that fits neatly into today’s digital manufacturing landscape and provides a smooth path to 3D-printed parts.”

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