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Future Forward: CNC Machines | ManufacturingTomorrow

CNC technology and numerically operated and controlled machinery have truly revolutionized manufacturing and derivative industries. Inventions and advances are continuous, but few have made such dramatic impact as this technology. With introduction of machine learning, the limits are constantly pushed. Business owners realized the potential and scalability of such machines, which in turn made their enterprises more competitive in the market. Now, shops can accept smaller and highly customized jobs, and the playing field and customer base are global.

Key Takeaways:

  • While the CNC machine does increase productivity it does not however lead to increased unemployment as the machine requires a staff to maintain.
  • CNC machines can come in many different sizes which on the small end are portable and interoperable with other devices.
  • There is growing speculation that 3D CNC machines will be the next paradigm in manufacturing from the end product to tools to make the product.

“These machines have allowed small and mid-sized manufacturers to stay competitive against the big guys by providing the means to exponentially increase productivity through automation and computerization.”

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