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Get a Grip on CNC Work

There are many different types of techniques that will help computer numerically controller routers stay secured on their work service. Commercial hold downs for example are almost like paperweights, but for wood. Shop made clamps and wedges allow for efficient and quick movement of the work piece and help lock it in the same position each time. Certain designs will allow screws to secure the piece, but if screws are not allowed double sided tape as well as hotmelt glue will work just fine. The only real issue with hotmelt glue is you have to wait for it to cool, which takes time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Commercial hold-downs made of aluminum can lock into your CNC machine’s t-tracks.
  • You can rabbet spare pieces of hardwood into hold-downs that won’t damage your bit.
  • Some wood tables will allow you to screw down workpieces, although you need to be careful to account for them when making the path for your bit.

“Place the workpiece against the anchor board, slide a wedge against the workpiece, position the batten, and screw the batten in place. Repeat for the second batten. Secure your work by lightly tapping the wedges with a mallet.”

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