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Growing CNC Services With 5-Axis Milling

Manufacturing industry is not spared when it comes to technological change and innovation happening at rapid speeds. Staying abreast with new developments is fundamental to machine shop survival, and this is even more important during the economic slowdown. Five-axis machines provide flexibility to machine shops, allowing them to accept highly customized jobs, while at the same time reducing per piece cost. Most saving is realized by reducing the part repositioning step, which also cuts down on possibility of misalignment which leads to scrap.

Key Takeaways:

  • 5-axis eradicates errors. It assists in improving machining accuracy and saves time as well.
  • 5-axis provides solution to setup and geometries challenges faced on a 3-axis and 4-axis machine.
  • Apart from being remarkably faster than the other machines, the 5-axis is relatively easy to operate as well and it requires less work, leading to massive increase in productivity.

“The benefits of 5-axis machining come from a reduction in workpiece repositioning and secondary operations.”

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