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Growing CNC Services With 5-Axis Milling

Manufacturing changes are driven by technology changes and companies that do not follow new trends will ultimately fail. Accuracy and efficiency are increasing continually, while customized solutions are gaining popularity. CNC machine with five axis provide both benefits of versatility and cost effectiveness. The savings comes from reduction in secondary and repositioning operations. Work pieces can go through several machining processes without ever leaving the machine. Single setup ensures all operations are covered and no additional fixtures are needed. Since the part is not moved, the loss of precision and alignment is minimized.

Key Takeaways:

  • 5-axis machining reduces the amount of workpiece repositioning, thus lessening the risk of misalignment.
  • When McAfee Tool & Die acquired a 5-axis machine, they needed to acquire a versatile software system as well.
  • Mastercam software lets you confirm the program before running it on the machine.

“While updating equipment and software on a regular basis creates some challenges, the team agrees it creates many more opportunities for expanding business.”

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