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Gustav Stickley Morris Chair

This chair is assembled in a way that causes you to sink down into it and forget the worries and hard work of the day. The first easy chair was brought about in the early 1900’s and a similar frame work is being used today with this chair. It’s hard to resist sinking down into it and even more difficult to get back up. The way it is designed takes a bit more effort than the average chair but this one is worth the work.

Key Takeaways:

  • A lot of manufacturers have tried to mimic Stickley’s work, but they do so by creating lower quality products.
  • Before working on a chair project, it is important to not rush in, but break down the process into smaller steps.
  • The through-mortises that are located on the arms of the chair are a crucial aspect, and you cannot cut corners on these.

“There is a reward for doing it right; in this case, the reward for the effort is the chair itself.”

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