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Harley-Davidson Spins Off LiveWire, Retains 74 Percent Share

Harley Davidson has announced that LiveWire, which is their electric motorcycle division is going to be spun into a new, separate company. This is because LiveWire was acquired by a special purpose acquisition company which is a very popular practice as it helps to bypass rules and regulations that typically come with an IPO. Harley Davidson is still going to retain a majority ownership of the division but LiveWire is going to receive 500 million dollars to expand it’s model range.

Key Takeaways:

  • On December 13th, Harley Davidson announced that it is going to be making the LiveWire electric motorcycle division it’s own separate company.
  • LiveWire has acquired a special purpose acquisition which is a popular practice as it bypasses regulations required from an IPO.
  • Harley is going to maintain majority ownership of LiveWire and LiveWire will receive more than one half of a billion dollars.

“For those of you who are more interested in motorcycles than financial engineering, please be patient with our very brief overview of some of the financial legerdemain behind this deal.”

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