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High-End Watchmaker Eliminates Offshoring with Five-Axis Machining Center

When you think of watches and their machinery, you probably don’t picture this taking place like in Austrailia. You probably imagine that it takes place somewhere else where there are a lot of shops and things that have these great time pieces. When we first started out, we had to order those tiny parts from other parts of the world because there was nowhere near by to order them from. Now, we have our very own shop that has these small parts right where we create these time pieces.

Key Takeaways:

  • When thinking of time pieces, it might not be Australia that first comes to mind.
  • The tiny components that go into watch making had to be ordered from another company.
  • The new micromachining center is a new option for getting those small parts for watches.

“Being a minor customer, NH Watches was not always high on the supplier’s priority list. In addition, because the plates, gears and other parts required by NH Watches were primarily produced overseas, the part deliveries were sometimes subject to unforeseeable delays.”

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