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High Speed Machining (HSM) [ Definitive Guide ]

High speed machining can be described simply as “Machining at the Resonant Frequency of the Machine”. It’s a process that has been found to reduce heat as the speed of the spindle increases. It is not always the case that the spindle speed has to be fast for machining shops to have successful cuts. Most of the time keeping the heat low is good but finishes like TiAlN need a low amount to be activated.

Key Takeaways:

  • The discovery was that the spindle speed actually reduced the heat in the cut.
  • there are times when heat is important when it comes to certain materials, a little works better.
  • Before you can master the technique, you will need to master the cutting of the corners.

“Note that all of the materials go steadily up and then eventually start dipping back down again as surface speed increases.”

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