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Home Welcome Signs: Tips on How to Choose and Install Them –

How to pick a welcome home sign depends on a lot of different things, such as what type of material do you want the sign to be, how much are you willing to spend and what size would you like for the sign to be? Bottom line if the sign you pick should reflect your own personality as well as your preferences. Just simple make it your own, and the rest fill fall into place.

Key Takeaways:

  • With a home welcome sign, think about what you want it to say and where it should go.
  • Choices of material include wood, metal, stone, plastic, vinyl and bamboo.
  • When installing a custom sign, mark the spot, choose the correct drill bit size, and sink the post deep enough.

“You can’t get more welcoming than a home with one or more custom welcome signs. These signs will put your guests at ease and give them confidence that they have arrived at the right house.”

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