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How AI and Machine Learning Impact CNC Machining

AI and CNC machining is the future of CNC Manufacturing. With AI, production rates, efficiency will increase greatly. Decreases in production costs, and labor will be cut. There will be many things learned while the AI and CNC machines are working in tandem. We will get a greater understanding of various failures, tool and machine life, and quality between various machines and parts. Having AI in our pocket will free up a lot of time for us to problem solve any issues that may occur.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI will greatly help with various Alarms, Triggers, and Calculations that are required for CNC machines.
  • Using AI will help make better decisions and be more efficient.
  • While using automation, it will free up time for other projects, problem solving, etc.

“Machine learning takes machine data and, in theory, self-optimizes or changes course to take corrective action.”

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