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How an acquisition in metal fabrication saved jobs

The President of WESCO Laser Machining, Mark Welle Jr, was able to adapt promptly to the challenges faced in 2020 when the pandemic hit. They are a five man team and they were able to become a full-service custom fabricator with the acquisition of BHT Precision Manufacturing. This came as a big change since WESCO has been in Laser Machining since the 1980s. They are now called WESCOBHT Manufacturing with this merge and expect to see the business grow even further.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although 2020 heaped tragedy upon tragedy upon the shoulders of the unfortunate tagged by the pandemic, some had less tragic tales to tell. Witness, Mark Welle Jr.
  • Welle is the president of Wesco laser Machining, a shop dedicated to only laser cutting jobs.
  • The shop resides in Littleton, Colorado. But the lockdown forced Welle and his salesperson to go into remote work.

“Tumultuous times force people to adapt, and change, however unplanned or rapid, can sometimes lead to better things.”

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