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How EDM Technology Is Adapting to the Realities of the Modern Workforce

When it comes to manufacturing skilled labor is a huge component to the effectiveness of a production process. A skilled work also is expensive and time-consuming to educate, hire, and train on the job. An EDM like a sinker EDM and allow a relatively unskilled worker to achieve similar production to a skilled worker. Artificial intelligence is increasingly able to fill the gap in between a skilled and unskilled worker to monitor and make changes to the production process. AI on EMD machines is often tricky due to the complex nature of the machine and the multitude of moving parts. EDM works well for delicate and intricate parts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The more surface area there is, the faster sparks can be delivered because there’s more area for heat and contamination to spread. AI systems “know” this and can adjust accordingly as the part
  • An AI system can assess the size of the part and electrode along with the speed of the motors to ensure force isn’t so great that it harms the electrode.
  • All these advances make life easier on today’s versatile machine operators and have the potential to dramatically improve efficiency.

“To help ensure critical processes are followed exactly, machine builders have developed control functions that maintain process consistency and/or virtually eliminate human error.”

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