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How EDM Technology Is Adapting to the Realities of the Modern Workforce | Fabricating and Metalworking

EDM Technology, in the past, was run entirely by manpower; nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has become more and more common, for a number of reasons. AI systems can adjust accordingly to prevent overheating or overpowered machines. AI systems can discern changes in the spark field to prevent unnecessary wear on the machines. AI systems can monitor changes in the electrical characteristics of the machines, adjusting the pressure in real-time to maintain consistency and efficiency of the burn.

Key Takeaways:

  • In all manufacturing environments, efficiency is everything and recently, significant progress has been made in this area.
  • EDM is critical to remaining competitive, especially with EDM machines being used for a number of different functions.
  • Artificial Intelligence can be used to help EDM operators with their biggest challenges, including electrode wear and gap contamination.

“As with surface area, an AI system can detect changes in the spark field that indicate the electrode wear rate is changing or has gotten to a point where it will negatively affect the part.”

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