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How EDM Technology Is Adapting to the Realities of the Modern Workforce

There is a large difference between a skilled worker and one that doesn’t have that much experience. Technology is ever changing and it is also helping in the workforce. There is a definite link between the amount of profit that you will take in and the amount of work that gets done. Productivity is increased with technology and this particular technology gives workers an advantage that they wouldn’t have otherwise. With this workers will be able to stay on top of their game with production.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artificial intelligence can help ease the frustration of EDM operators with regards to helping with surface area, electrode wear, gap contamination and hydraulic force.
  • Machine builders have come up with control functions that test and check the consistency of a process and prevent human error from happening.
  • Remote controlled EDM machines are starting to pop up and that allows these operators to control the EDM machine from their mobile device or tablet.

“The difference between an experienced and inexperienced operator is night and day. Here are a few ways machine builders are helping close the gap between the dedicated EDM operator and today’s jack of all trades.”

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