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How metal fabricators can juggle the many needs of the customer

Metal fabricators are tasked with managing all different types of needs that their customers may have. There are all different types of customers, but the most common is one that simply just buys your product or service. However, metal fabricators have to deal with buyers, company leaders, customer technical personnel when issues occur, and more. The key for these metal fabricators is listening to their customers and adapting to their specific needs. All of your customers may have different needs and it is your job to fulfill their needs as the service provider.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fabricators have many customer needs they have to juggle all at once.
  • Sales people talk to customers with contracts and listen to their needs to understand them.
  • Internal and external customers have different needs and have to be approached accordingly.

“VOC isn’t just for sales, buyers, and quoting personnel. Conversations between engineers and other technical personnel at your company and the customer’s company can be a great way to understand the VOC. They’ll likely deal with technical matters that affect production. It’s definitely worth going directly to the source.”

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