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How one metal fabricator stays agile

Change is inevitable not just in life, but in business. It’s probably much more important in business, to keep in mind. Changes have to occur for the company to truly know what the customers truly need. If you don’t make changes then you aren’t meeting the demands of the customers, that are constantly changing. You can create a product, use the feedback from that product, and then make the changes to that product that better suit the needs of your customer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dalsin Industries made change to a core competency to keep pace with market realities and earn The FABRICATOR’s 2020 Industry Award.
  • The latest fabricating technologies would provide it with competitive manufacturing efficiency and capabilities.
  • The company’s strategic initiatives revolve around diversification, continuous improvement activities, new technology, and innovation.

“Dalsin Industries, Bloomington, Minn., has done that over its 75 years, particularly in the latter part of the company’s history. The business, founded by Richard and Eleanor Dalsin in 1945 as Dick Dalsin Sheet Metal, began as a supplier of architectural products to the roofing industry.”

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