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How one metal fabricator stays agile

In Bloomington, Minnesota, a local metal fabricator with 75 years of experience has managed to stay competitive in a rapidly changing economy for building materials. Dalsin Industries has taken advantage of automation and the latest fabrication technology to remain at the top of its market. The company is able to quickly adjust to customers needs in many industries like construction and transportation. The company’s success is evident in double-digit growth in the past years. Dalsin points to working with customers on design as a main area of expertise that has contributed to this success. Dalsin has recognized the necessity of working with partners across the country and internationally to meet manufacturing demands. Dalsin stresses quality as a key area of continued performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Like any business, its very important for Dalsin Industries to understand their customers wants and needs in order to get them better products and make more sales.
  • Dalsin has invested a lot of money in technology such as equipment that can make boxes and panels for vending machines and heat exchangers.
  • Change is necessary when the marketplace demands it. However, if you are making a change just for the sake of making a change, your business may suffer.

“The focus on roofing products grew smaller and smaller, and Dalsin Industries became more of a traditional sheet metal job shop, serving customers in a variety of industries and fabricating parts of varying complexity and volumes.”

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