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How to Achieve Intelligent, Automated CNC Machining

There is new technology which can be implemented in the CNC tooling industry. This technology involves hardware and software upgrades to allow the CNC machine, a staple of the fabrication industry, to operate independent from a human operator and without monitoring. These two possibilities amount to automated operation which can increase productivity and reduce waste from human error. To implement such technology requires a machine that can change cutting tools automatically through hardware and software improvements. Such technology is not applicable for all applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • The precision of the machining process could be streamlined by automating the CNC Machining part, as that would ensure the measuring and immediate change out of parts as the process wears them down.
  • Although such technology promises less work hours with the reward of greater productivity to boot that should not mean that every moldmaker should not thoroughly investigate the tools first.
  • Some moldmaker feel unsure of the utility of such a process, because they are used to running their machining at off hours with little oversight.

“Using such a technology will allow a moldmaker to run a CNC machine for almost an unlimited amount of time without operator intervention.”

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