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How to build motorcycles for a living

Turning a hobby into a successful profession can be difficult, and it goes the same for motorcycle enthusiasts. Building and maintaining motorcycles as a career can be tough to start out, but no matter the skill level, it’s important that you have three distinct qualities: enthusiasm, flexibility and creativity. While you might not be an expert mechanic, you should be diligent and figure out which type of business suits your personality. Finally, don’t go at it alone and seek help from others, as collaboration is the key to success.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is possible to turn the hobby of working on motorcycles into a profitable living.
  • In order to run a successful motorcycle shop, you should have three specific traits: enthusiasm, creativity, and flexibility.
  • Many hopeful mechanics attempt to open a shop on their own, but successful ones utilize the help of others to grow their business.

“Through it all, I’ve learned without a doubt that I’m an expert on nothing.”

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