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How to Make a CNC Turner’s Cube: [ Creative CNC Project ]

Long ago, a Turner’s cube was used as a test for novice machinists. They were handed one, and then told to make one. A Turner’s Cube can be made on a CNC machine, sometimes needing to right the associated g-code manually. There are some people who belive that a true Turner’s cube needs to have free floating interior shapes. Those can be made with cutters such as a dovetail cutter. where the flutes are larger than the shank.

Key Takeaways:

  • Long ago, when a novice machinist was given a Turner’s Cube, they were required to figure out by themselves, how to make one.
  • Creating their own Turner’s Cube, merely by having one, was considered a good test for a novice machinist.
  • A CNC router allows for the creation of many different types of embedded shapes.

“After seeing my first example, my wife immediately appropriated it for display in the kitchen.”

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