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How to make money with CNC Router?

Now that CNC machines have gotten to be so small, it’s easy for people to do woodworking projects both for home use, and for selling to others. There are several places for people to sell their woodworking projects – these include Facebook marketplace and local sales groups. If your business gets bigger, you could even open a shop on Etsy. Some of the projects that are good for selling are welcome signs, clocks, and wooden games.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yu can sell some of your projects by listing them on a Facebook marketplace or a local sales group.
  • Some great things that you can create are a welcome sign, a clock or even a wooden game.
  • You can make money by using a CNC router but it’s important to be creative and take pride in your work quality.

“Carved signs, flags and cutting boards are so popular right now that you can start your Etsy shop by selling different designs of one of them with personalization and custom orders and make back your investment in just a few weeks.”

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