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How to make solid wood joinery with a CNC | Woodworking Network

Joinery is how woodworkers join wood together. This is particularly used in cabinetry. Joinery can happen in many different ways, such as glue, nails, and screws. There are many different types of joints. These are butt joints, dado joints, rabbets, dovetail joints, half-lap joints, miter joints, mortise and tenon joints, tongue and groove joints, and box joints. When wood is joined edge to edge, or end to end, it can give it a more decorative type of effect.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joinery is a method of woodworking that involves connecting pieces of wood together.
  • A butt joint is where things like dowels and nails are used to connect wood together.
  • A box joint is the type of joint that is a simpler version of the dovetail joint.

“Woodworking that requires both decorative and strong joinery is often found in cabinetry, furniture, flooring, doors, windows, and a host of other applications.”

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