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How to Make Your Custom Components And How to Ensure Their Quality

Producing components that are custom or low volume is often costly, so deciding on optimal production process is essential for cost control. Before you decide on process, ensure that specifications and any additional requirements are clearly defined. It is also important that specifications are sufficient, but not excessive as that alone would drive the cost up. Additionally, review the way you will control the quality of parts, in order to ensure that I manufactured to specification and with satisfactory quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC machinery is a process used in the fabrication industry, by manufacturers. It utilizes software to cut or move material with high precision and accuracy.
  • From start to finish, the entire process is usually handles with approximately 6 steps.
  • These steps include, milling, turning, drilling, boring, broaching and sawing. The system works extremely well with metal or plastic parts. But there are limits regarding thickness.

“For instance, the majority of CNC machines have circular tooling, so the part’s geometry is limited to curved corners due to the tooling.”

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