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How to revise a complex CAD model

Revising a complex CAD model can require having the proper software workflow so that more than one person can access the changes and see the revisions. Sometimes it’s okay to use offline CAD programs but if we are working on production quality work we want to have some kind of product document management add on that allows us to see everything, know every little part detail, so everyone on our team can work without being in the dark.

Key Takeaways:

  • One key aspect of CAD is functionality, which need not include backwards compatibility.
  • It is highly important to preserve the links between CAD files. For this purpose, Pack and Go is better suited than Windows Explorer.
  • Archiving CAD, including previous incarnations, is optimal. There is software available that can retrieve prior options as an integral feature.

“A CAD jockey recognizes the two aspects of revision: things that are functional and things that are CAD administration. CAD admin includes folders, file names, and adherence to naming and description conventions”

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