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How to Think like a Machinist

Machinists are more likely to be born from those who were trained in certain areas, than those who are doing it as just a hobby. When you think like a machinist, you are better able to solve problems, and will rarely not know how to perform at the task. There’s no clear way to think like a machinist, you just learn the ropes, and then you practice your skills, and soon enough you will be thinking like one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experienced manual machinists who began as apprentices are most likely to think like a machinist.
  • To think like a machinist, reduce your problems to pure geometry.
  • Next, understand how the real, error-prone physical world affects perfect abstract geometry.

“At that point I was hooked, because Joe Pie Thinks Like a Machinist. Even better, he clearly communicates what that means really well in his videos, so you can learn.”

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